The Artists of Fegan Fine Art Restoration

It takes an artist’s eye to restore your art. Similar to those who created your it, we have developed over years of study, experience and appreciation. As artists ourselves, we use our shared expertise in art techniques to restore your valued pieces.

Bill BIO
William Fegan


When I first went into business as an art restorer after college, business was slow. I was not well known or had any reputation (good or bad) of one that had the skill to be trusted with ones’ art objects. In order to make ends meet, I took on the most challenging jobs. These were items that in most cases had nominal intrinsic value or items that the customers were unwilling to spend a lot on. 13480

Sande BIO02
Sande Fegan


As the wearer of many hats (I am a mom, a maid, a manager and artist), I am most invigorated by my family. In addition to three generations of Fegans working here, our artists are part of our family too. After 30 years of trusting us with their treasures, our customers are also joining our extended family. This is why I smile every day, because I see my Fegan, artist, and extended family.

Aliza BIO 1
Aliza Andrews

Mona Aliza

I am an Artist/Art Restorer here at Fegan, but I feel that I do so much more. I am truly awe inspired by the beauty and intricate detail in everything I do. When my boys are asked what I do for a living they don't respond with "art restorer," instead they say, "take that vase, throw it across the room, and my mom will fix it like it was never broken." When things get broke, I help to fix them.

Dennis BIO Pic
Dennis Fegan


One day my son, Bill, called me and asked, “Dad, I need your help.” I came over and I got hooked. I have a real passion for this work and I find it exciting. I open boxes that come from around the world, and I never know what is waiting inside. It could be a 200 to 300 year old frame that needs fixing. My specialty is frames, and the bigger the better. I enjoy recreating missing or broken pieces and fixing gold leafing.

Lilly2 BIO
Lily Courtney


I work to repair all sorts of items, from fine porcelain to cherished sentimental ceramic objects and from bamboo lacquered tables to large marble statuary. People ask me, 'Which artist do you like to channel when you work?'. I simply reply by saying that there isn't just one artist that inspires me - Leonardo DaVinci, Cezanne, Degas, Rothko, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, Diebenkorn, Warhol, my list could go on and on. There is something about each artist that has influenced me and, as I work on many types and styles of art, it is hard to channel just one artist.

Norma BIO 01
Norma J. Rose

Norma Rockwell

Instead of looking for inspiration from famous artists, I am inspired by the creativity of those working around me. My co-workers, friends, and family inspire my art and always encourage me to do my best. I feel that my background in fine and graphic arts/illustration gives me tools to help save challenging pieces of broken artwork.

Beth BIO Pic
Beth Heppenstall


I have wanted to be an artist since I was five years old. The best thing about working here is that I am constantly learning while keeping our clients' treasured art alive. I love getting to know the intricate details of the pieces.

Oscar BIO2
Oscar Reyes


I am very quiet, but I work on big pieces of furniture and even bigger statuary. I enjoy working alongside my Fegan family and my earliest inspiration was from my own brother, who taught me to repair furniture. I am also inspired by the works of Frida Kahlo.